Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks


Canter work trucks will change the way you think about moving your products and business forward, with cost of ownership so low you can measure it by the mile.

In fact, if you drive as few as 20,000 miles annually, a properly driven Canter can move several thousand dollars to your bottom line in operating cost savings in just three to four years. And it’s just getting started. Imagine how far its dependable performance and lower cost of ownership can take your business.


Our Mitsubishi Fuso truck offers a wide range of cost effective, dependable and practical trucks

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Canter FE130
13,200 GVW


Canter FG4x4
14,050 GVW


Canter FE160
15,995 GVW


Canter FE160
15,995 GVW


Canter FE180
17,995 GVW